Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tastiest Fish Bake using Haddock

Dinner Recipe for 2 -4 persons.
Preparation time is 10 minutes.
Cooking Itme is 40 minutes.

Many folk do not realise how easy it is to prepare a healthy alternative to red meat. Vegetarians love their fish dishes and this Haddock dinner recipe is bursting with flavor.

The Ingredients you will need

2 boxes of 400 grams or 1 box of 1 kg frozen haddock. The haddock must be defrosted when cooking starts.

3 Tomatoes - sliced any thickness

1 Red Onion - white if you can not get red. Finely chopped.

10 ml of Thai seasoning. Bottled works best.

Some salt and pepper for flavor.

10 grams of fresh parsley. Bottled spice is fine if you can not get fresh.

4 medium sized potatoes. Thinly sliced.

A chicken A La King packet sauce.

250ml tin or carton of Buttermilk. Normal milk is also fine if you can not get buttermilk.

Cooking Instructions

Is your haddock defrosted first ?

Switch on your oven to 180 - 190 degrees to get ready for baking.

Get a casserole dish and semar lightly with some olive oil to prevent sticking or use some cooking spray.

Once your frozen haddock has defrosted, layer it into the bottom of your casserole dish.

Layer over the fish, your sliced tomato and chopped onions.

Onto the layers, now sprinkle your thai seasoning, just enough to cover the tomato and onions with a light basting. Add some salt and pepper and the chopped parsley to taste.

Now using your sliced potatoes, create a new layer over the spices. It does not matter how thick, it depends on how muck you wish your dish to have and the numer of persons.

In a mixing jug, add the buttermilk and Chicken a al king sauce together and give a stir for a minute to combine the two. Now pour over the potatoes to coat them.

Now once your oven light goes off and the oven is ready to bake, place the casserole dish into the oven and bake for 30 - 40 minutes.

Between the 30 -40 minute mark, you will notice a golden brown color starting. You can use a steak knife to check that the potatoes are cooked properly and return to the oven if needed for a few more minutes.

Remember that if you cook this dish for more persons, there will be more potatoes to cook. This dish is based on the 4 medium sized potatoes.

Whilst your haddock bake is cooking,prepare some fresh vegatables to add to your dish.Carrots and asparagus usually work well together.

Well please let us know how you enjoyed the haddock as it is definitely my favorite fish to cook with.

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